Our Services

We always work closely with you to determine your cats needs and suitability of all services. Due to the nature of our work prices vary depending on the condition and breed of the cat.

Full Groom – A full Groom with brush & comb out & a de-shed. All products used will be specifically matched to your cat’s coat & skin condition. This Includes removal of any small knots/tangles. More severe or widespread matting may incur extra charges

Lion Cut – Modified versions offered, please ask for details.

Wet Bath – We treat your cat to a luxurious pampering session to get them sparkling clean and smelling great. With the use of our specially formulated shampoos we gently wash and massage, finishing with a brush and blow dry with our specialist pet drier. This ensures air temperatures that are safe and comfortable.

Dry Bath – A dry bath uses a no rinse spray shampoo that removes dirt and grease from your cats fur. The specialist shampoo also contains aloe vera to soothe and protect the skin while built in conditioners leave your cat in great condition.

Kitten Mini Groom – Getting your kitten used to trips to the groomers is a great way to ensure that they get the best experience from grooming sessions. To introduce kitten to a relaxing and enjoyable grooming session we start by brushing the coat through along with a gentle massage. We then introduce them to the various pieces of grooming equipment.

De-matting – Removal of matts using combs and clippers depending on the severity of matting of your cats fur.

Hygiene Trim – Gentle trimming of the fur around the rear and back legs to keep your cat clean fresh and comfortable.

Claw Clipping – Gentle trimming of your cats claws to guard against ingrown claws which can grow into the pads and cause discomfort and be painful.

Disabled cat hygiene groom

Rated 5 out of 5
June 23, 2022

Jess did such a fab job! My cat has mobility issues so struggles to keep herself clean down there, and Jess was fab at keeping my nervous girl nice and calm and did a fab job really quickly. Really can’t recommend her enough!

Alex Pugh